Rin Chupeco


The Bone Witch Trilogy

A young witch-in-exile tells her tale to a wandering bard; of how she could summon the dead when she brought her brother back to life, of how she was selected to join a magical society of skilled magic users, only to be sent away when her necromancy blossomed further. But the girl is hiding a secret - one that could destroy their world as they know it.....

The Bone Witch Bonus story:
The 5 Stages of Grief
(Contains spoilers for the trilogy. Read at your own risk!)

Silver Under Nightfall

Remy Pendergast is a vampire hunter, an unwanted son of a powerful duke, an outcast believed to have vampiric heritage. But when he allies with a vampire couple to save their respective kingdoms, he questions everything he has ever been taught about hating them - especially when they make no secret about their attraction to him....Or: vampire couple finds vampire hunter in the trash and decides to take him in.

The Girl from the Well duology

Okiku has been hunting down child-killers for hundreds of years, like the man who had murdered and thrown her body down a well. But when she meets a young boy with strange tattoos, she realizes that she is not the only ghost on the hunt.

The Never Tilting World

Twins Odessa and Haidee grew up on opposite ends of a dying world, brought up by mother-goddesses to take their place. But when a looming cataclysm threatens to annihilate their homes, they must journey into the center of their world and into unknown territories filled with curses, monsters, and a prophecy that might just reveal that their mothers may know more about the world's breaking than they were taught.

A Hundred Names for Magic

In a world where modern technology is infused with magic and fairy tales are history, Filipino teen Tala just wants to live a normal life. Unfortunately, the boy next door just happens to be a prince on the run, pursued by the vengeful Snow Queen - and Tala might just have the only thing powerful enough to protect him.And let's not even talk about the firebird.

The Sacrifice

When a Hollywood film crew arrives on Kisapmata Island to make a documentary on the island's curse, they hire young Filipino teen Alon and their dog, Askal, to be their guides. But Alon knows something they don't - that the island and its sleeping god is real, and it requires three more sacrifices to finally wake....

Are You Afraid of the Dark? The Tale of the Gravemother

A young teen boy who'd just moved into the small town discovers that the house his family had inherited may or may not have an actual ghost: The Gravemother, who was responsible for several missing boys when she lived there hundreds of years before. And when the ghost appears to be haunting his sister, it's up to him and his ghost hunting frenemy to stop her for good before she finds another victim.

His Hideous Heart

Murder in the Rue Apartelles, Boracay - Auguste "Ogie" Dupin understands murder. So when one occurs at the apartelle in a party island near where he and his Filipina girlfriend is staying at, he decides to investigate - but things are not always as straightforward as they might appear.13 reimagined tales of horror from Edgar Allan Poe's most popular stories.

Hungry Hearts

Sugar and Spite: a young mangkukulam (Filipino shaman) begins her apprenticeship making learning some of the special recipes of her grandma's carinderia, which serves bull testes soup for aphrodisiacs, kare-kare for curses, and more. But learning how to be impartial is difficult when she becomes tempted to use some of their spells for personal revenge against a persistent bully.Tales of food from writers of different cultures, where food is a love language.

Black Cranes: Tales of Unquiet Women

Kapre: A love Story: a demon falls in love with a mortal girl and watches her through the different stages of her life.The Bram Stoker and Shirley Jackson award-winning anthology!

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